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We Carry Liability Insurance

Moonwalk rental insurance covers liability in case of an accident where the moonwalk company is at fault. It does not typically cover injuries or minor accidents that happen while the moonwalk is under your supervision. So why should you care?

A company that has made the effort to get insurance has made a commitment to a safe operation. It shows longevity (fly-by-night companies don't bother with the expense of insurance) and a concern both for your safety and the long-term success of their own company.

We Clean And Sanitize Our Units After Every Rental!


Bounce houses get really dirty! You will find that many operations don't take the time to properly clean and sanitize the unit. Ask about their cleaning policies.

Sanitize? Yes, this is important. Bounces are active places full of little people bouncing against the floors, walls, and pillars in hot conditions- often face first and loving it! You want to feel secure that the surfaces they are coming in contact with are clean and germ-free.

Companies that properly clean and sanitize their inflatable units ensure that germs don't spread from one party to the next.

We Are A Family Company!
Just Jump'n! is a family company, owned and operated by the Edgerlys for 5 bouncing seasons, we know what it takes to make your next party or event a success. 

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